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Bulk Products

This page is intended for export and commercial plantation growers.  Australians seeking to buy less than 250 trees should see Retail Products.


TGG produce two main types of Paulownia planting stock: PreStarters™ and Headstarters™.

28 PreStarters™ 29 Headstarters™









PreStarters™ are hardened, green Paulownia plantlets in biodegradable plug pots and are supplied in large quantities to commercial plantations.

Headstarters™ are bare-root Paulownia trees with trimmed trunks. They can be easily transported and are ideal for farmers and foresters, including export customers in countries with strict quarantine requirements.

Both PreStarters™ and Headstarters™ are READY TO PLANT in the ground on arrival.

We can also produce other planting stock options to customer specifications or develop custom solutions as alternatives to the main product types. For low cost nursery options we may offer starter plugs or smaller than standard Headstarters bare root plants.

TGG has collected and developed a huge resource of Paulownia genetics and can supply cool to tropical regions, representing a temperature range from -20ºC to 47ºC. We are experienced plant exporters and have supplied to many nations and almost every continent.

Use the request a quotation form to tell us your requirements and we will be in touch with further information about suitable genetics, product options and pricing.






Further details:

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